Highway Pursuit

Highway Pursuit 1.2

Drive fast and use the machine gun to take out the enemies
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Adam Dawes

Test your driving and shooting skills by completing all of the eight levels included in this game. Get behind the wheel of your sports car, catch the enemies' cars and destroy them using the machine gun mounted on your vehicle. Pay attention to Ashley, the voice that's communicating with your from the H.Q., as she will warn about you the dangers lurking ahead of you.

Your mission, should you chose to accept the challenge, is to destroy as many enemy agents as possible when playing the Highway Pursuit classically inspired arcade game. You will be guided throughout your eight level missions by voice communications from Ashley, a game character based at your H.Q., who will also warn you of any dangers up ahead. You will be provided with a sports car that is equipped with a machine gun. Use this against enemy cars, it has unlimited ammunition. You can upgrade both your car and your weapons. Above your speedometer, you will notice a red heart. This indicates your state of health and if you sustain too much damage to your car, it will empty and your car will explode. As you drive successfully, your health recharges. You are advised to stay off the grass to avoid damage, however you may dispatch or force your enemies' cars on to it. Your enemies in the game are Crasher, Blade, Jeep and Chopper, but the game provides you with friendly vehicles too. Known as weapons vans, these will assist you with repairs or provide you with various types of weaponry. You can control the game with your keyboard, game pad, joystick or steering wheel. Your score is automatically stored for you and you can score points for every enemy car, helicopter or vehicle that you destroy, but you should be aware of civilian cars as they should be protected and never destroyed. Highway Pursuit is a complete remake of the game Spy Hunter originally released in 2003.

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